Hi, I’m Natasha. I am a military spouse and mother of two, PHOTOGRAPHER. I love photography, it feeds my spirit!

I love observing human interaction of people I know as well as strangers, basically people watching. My goal is to capture the emotional connections that I observe. They are always there, sometimes we don’t have the chance to slow down to see them.

Being trusted to capture my clients’ special moments, adventures and relationships is an honor.  I love that I am connected to my clients through their stories for life.  

Fast friends is a good way to look at it, because who else do you share your special moments with……..friends that’s who!  

I truly believe that everyone should have their photograph taken and it shouldn’t be stressful.  I promise it is possible! I would love the chance to get to know you and help with documenting your own story!  

Want to be fast friends? Send me a message.

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